Urgent And Express Courier Service Singapore

When you have an urgent delivery that just can’t wait, our express courier service will get it there in the shortest time possible. There is simply no service in SG that is able to deliver your items faster.

When you have a vital document or parcel that is time sensitive and can’t wait until the end of the day, our express courier service is your best option.

We know that there are situations when it is absolutely urgent that your item arrives into the hands of the right person as soon as possible. In these situations, Parcelpost express courier service offers the fastest service in SG.

Don’t want to jeopardize that important business deal by delaying the arrival of a key document? Express courier service is the smartest option. Need a part delivered ASAP to make sure your project stays on track? Trust our speedy express service.

Our speedy and efficient couriers always deliver on time while offering personal and friendly service.

When it needs to arrive NOW, trust us – we’ll deliver.


  • Experienced team – our highly experienced team know how important it is to be efficient and not waste any time when it comes to your urgent delivery. Our couriers know Singapore like the back of their hands and know the fastest routes to deliver your items in no time at all. Our friendly support team will take your order efficiently and get it in the hands of our courier as soon as possible.
  • Problem-solving – there is no delivery problem that is team can’t solve. Our couriers are the most efficient and speediest in SG. We will help you with the fastest possible delivery solution. If there’s an issue with your delivery we won’t rest until it’s resolved. We will make sure you are delighted with our service.
  • Cost efficient – you won’t find a more cost-efficient express courier service in Singapore. We deliver you the best rates for the fastest service. Our massive network of couriers means we can offer you the competitive rates and means we are never far away from where you are. We won’t just save your time, we’ll save you money. You can trust that we provide the best value in SG. Whether you’re a business or an individual, our efficient service will save you.

Why Choose Us:

We provide the best and most cost-effective express courier service in Singapore. Our huge network means we are always close to your location and can provide the most efficient service.

Parcelpost ensure that your document or parcel will arrive safely. We are very efficient in express service and urgent deliveries in SG.

Our friendly staff won’t waste a second of your time and take pride in delivering your items as fast as we possibly can.

As well as being speedy, we treat your items with care. You can trust that your document or parcel will be in the safest hands. We treat your items as if they are our own.

You will be amazed by our efficient and reliable service.

When your delivery is urgent, you need to know you can trust your courier service. Our experienced team has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to deliver on time, every time. They take pride in making sure your delivery arrives safely in the right hands, at the right time!

Our friendly staff is so easy to deal with so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We won’t hesitate with your delivery!

For your urgent delivery needs, you can trust our express courier service – we will deliver.

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