Best 5 Courier Services from Singapore to Malaysia With the Cheapest Delivery Fees

Whether you run an eCommerce business, a small startup, or wish to send a parcel to a friend in Malaysia, finding the right delivery service is crucial.

Today, we’ll take a comprehensive look at a few of the most reliable and budget-friendly services.

For those in a hurry, we conclude that Janio remains the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia, thanks to its affordable rates, dependable service, and all-round facilities.

Discover what makes Janio the best choice and what other alternative services offer similar reliability at competitive rates.

Janio (Cheapest and Best Overall)

Rating: 4.9/5

Janio is a logistics company that specializes in multimodal freight services, eCommerce logistics, and customs clearance in Southeast Asian countries. The company enjoys one of the region’s top delivery and logistics services, with active outlets in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Affordability and flexibility are the core values that summarize Janio’s courier services. Depending on your requirements, Janio offers various shipping and mailing options to Malaysia.

These include:

·   Airfreight

·   Sea freight

·   Cross-border trucking

·   International shipping for eCommerce

Airfreight or sea freight are the primary options for sending items to Malaysia. Airfreight offers speedy deliveries at competitive prices, while sea freight offers convenience and hassle-free courier services. Both categories come with a dedicated account manager who assists you at every step.

Alternatively, cross-trucking services are also available depending on your timeline and type of mail/parcel. The Full Truckload (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) allow you to settle for cost-effective options based on whether you’re sending large or small parcels.

However, Janio restricts Malaysia-bound parcels to a maximum weight of 30kg. So, hauling major shipments may be limited for the time being.

For business owners, Janio offers dedicated international shipping for eCommerce. Using Janio, you can expand your delivery services to other Southeast Asian countries beyond Malaysia. And they offer a Merchant Portal online where you can create, track, assign, and manage all your delivery requirements as the business owner.

Regardless of the mode you choose, Janio’s expertise in customs clearance and robust connectivity network make it a breeze for customers to get their items delivered. With so many benefits at such low prices, Janio takes the cake as the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia, offering maximum reliability.

Qxpress (Best for Ecommerce Shipping)

Rating: 4.4/5

Qxpress is a courier company that values quality partnerships, customer satisfaction, and efficient services. They’ve long been known as logistics experts for Pan-Asian connectivity solutions.

Although the company is based in Korea, its operations within Singapore and Malaysia make them a top contender for courier services between these two countries.

Qxpress offers its delivery and shipping services in three categories:

·   QFS

·   Smart Shipping

·   Smart Cargo

The QFS (Quality Fulfillment Service) is the module especially dedicated to eCommerce shipping. This service comes with a shipping service suite that includes pickups, packing, customs clearance, warehousing & storage, delivery, and personalized customer service. It’s an ideal option for business owners in Singapore wishing to ship goods abroad.

For businesses looking to branch out, Qxpress also offers specialized services through Qtrading and Qservice. On top of couriers, these modules serve as consultancy services for eCommerce units looking to scale up their logistics, deliveries, and marketing.

Smart Shipping by Qxpress offers a speedy resolution of paperwork and fast delivery of goods. This category comes with specific restrictions like a maximum of 300cm in dimensions and 30kg in the weight of a package.

Smart Cargo operates primarily through sea freight and air freight. However, only the air freight option is available for delivery to Malaysia. Also, the only destination available in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. So, you may have to opt for other services if these restrictions fail to serve your purpose.

Setting aside the few limitations imposed by Qxpress, many users still consider it the fastest and cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia.

Just Ship (Best for Speedy Delivery)

Rating 4.5/5

Just Ship is a leading courier service that delivers to over 18 countries across multiple continents. Their service revolves around ease of use, cost-effective rates, and one of the fastest delivery schedules in the industry. As a result, Just Ship remains among the top courier services within Singapore and Asia.

Just Ship operates delivery services in three basic steps:

·   Pickup

·   Pack

·   Deliver

They offer convenient pickup services for any goods you want to send to Malaysia. Lifelong customers agree that this feature is handy when you want to ship big items or items in large quantities. Transporting such goods can be a headache for the sender, and Just Ship’s pickup service this the nail on the head here.

One of the standout features of Just Ship is their packing and packaging service that eases your load for any delivery. A dedicated team of packing professionals performs the packaging. So, if you’re shipping weirdly shaped items or want to maximize the contents of one box, Just Ship’s packing team is the go-to solution.

Their shipment and delivery are prompt and hassle-free. Shipments to Malaysia often take less than 3 days, with some orders reaching their destination on the same day. The final price is usually lower than big players like DHL or FedEx, which makes Just Ship the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia by some standards.

Easy Ship (Advanced IT Platform for courier services)

Rating: 4.8/5

Easy Ship is not exactly a courier service in itself. Instead, it’s a unifying platform that gives access to various individual courier services. It also maintains a robust network of international warehouses, partners who assist in customs clearance, and eCommerce companies. 

They’ve successfully delivered to almost every country globally, with more than 100,000 satisfied customers. Given their vast logistics network, Easy Ship can chalk up discounts that can reach 70% in some cases. 

They offer dedicated shipping management software that’s especially suited for eCommerce platforms. Features of this shipping solution include:

· Shipping Dashboard

· Automated Shipping Processes

· Support for multiple integrations

The Shipping Dashboard is where you have an overview and master control over every aspect of the shipping service. As an eCommerce business, you may have to juggle and manage large numbers of shipments daily. The Dashboard gives you a clear bird’s eye view of your shipments and detailed controls like creating new shipments, importing orders, etc. 

As the shipping software begins managing your orders, you can personalize and set up specific tasks to be automated. For instance, details that relate to packaging size, preferred courier service, preferred insurance, etc., can all be automated after you assign preset options. Even your customs documents and shipping labels can all be auto-generated by the system. 

Easy Ship’s software also supports a wide variety of APIs and integrations. So, you can connect with some of the biggest names in eCommerce like Shopify or BigCommerce or enhance productivity with apps like Zapier. You get access to the best integrations that make Easy Ship even more customized and efficient for your needs. 

Singapore and Hong Kong are the only two places in Asia they ship from. But their destinations make up more than 220 countries all over the world. Although their premium plans start from about $29/month, you can use the service for free if you make less than a hundred shipments monthly. So, if your shipping threshold is below that mark, Easy Ship’s free service can easily count as the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia. 

Parcel ABC (Best Alternative)

Rating: 4.6/5

Parcel ABC is a comprehensive delivery service that’s making waves in Asia and around the globe. Although based out of London, UK, Parcel ABC’s operations out of Singapore ensure that deliveries to countries like Malaysia are fast, efficient, and pocket-friendly.

Parcel ABC stands out from the competition thanks to its ability to deliver any package (excluding prohibited items) and bundled insurance for all parcels.

Their shipping and delivery service can be summarized with three core features:

·   Automatic insurance of parcels

·   Door to door delivery

·   Online management geared towards the cheapest rates

Every parcel and package that goes through their systems get basic safety and deliverability insurance. However, customers who wish to secure their shipments with dedicated insurance can avail the options offered by Parcel ABC’s insurance partners.

Door-to-door delivery is one of the trademarks of Parcel ABC’s superior services. Your package can leave your doorstep in Singapore and reach the destination doorstep in Malaysia with no pickup or collection problems in between. If convenience is your top priority, look no further than Parcel ABC.

Parcel ABC runs an impressive management system online that can track and route your parcels for maximum efficiency. Door-to-door delivery may have multiple routes and directions available for each package depending on traffic and connectivity. Parcel ABC’s systems detect the most optimal routes for your shipment, ensuring that it reaches its Malaysian destination in the least possible time.

Given its speed, convenience, and reasonable pricing, there’s no wonder why many users maintain that Parcel ABC is still the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia.

Sender’s Guide to Shipping Items from Singapore to Malaysia

Browsing delivery and shipment services online can be challenging because each company claims to be the best in the industry. However, you’ll have to see through the generic marketing language and advertising rhetoric to truly know which service works best for you.

We’ve already listed Janio as the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia, along with three other alternatives that match Janio’s services in many aspects. But if you would like to consider other local and regional services near you, here are some components to consider.

Shipping for Ecommerce or Personal Requirements?

The reason and purpose for sending shipments to Malaysia can determine what service best suits your needs.

Despite the pandemic woes, Singapore still experienced over 125,00 metric tonnes of air cargo in 2021. The statistic implies that shipments to nearby countries like Malaysia are also increasing. Given the variety of logistics companies running today, finding the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia will require you to check if the company specializes in your purpose.

In most instances, Janio will beat the competition thanks to its flexibility in accommodating any shipment. However, services like Qxpress may serve better if you’re running an eCommerce business and want a dedicated business shipping service.

Know What Items are Prohibited

Both Singapore’s laws and Malaysia’s Custom Regulations restrict the movement of specific items across their boundaries. For instance, Singapore’s customs prohibit the shipment of arms & explosives and certain types of endangered animal species. On the other hand, Malaysian customs will restrict the entry of radioactive material and specific varieties of intoxicants.

Granted, the average sender will not indulge in sending these types of obviously questionable materials. However, staying up to date with what is permitted may help you avoid inconvenient encounters with the authorities.

The most reliable courier services will ensure that their customers stay aware of these items to avoid later problems. Janio, Qxpress, Parcel ABC, Just Ship, and Easy Ship all have dedicated sections that address the issue of what restricted items are and how to avoid them.

Estimated Costs

Even the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia will charge fees based on what kind of shipment you intend to send. The parameters for determining the cost may range from dimensions and weight to destination and type of service (express, economy, etc.).

However, you can’t wait till the last minute to find out how much your shipment will cost. Whether to send your package may depend a lot on the price too. So, an initial estimate of your shipment’s charges will significantly help.

Try to look for courier services that offer a calculated cost using the information you can provide. Reliable logistics companies today use state-of-the-art programs and algorithms to specify their requirements and costs. So, if you have some basic information ready (dimension, weight, destination postcode, etc.), services should be able to inform you of an estimated price.

These approximate costs are subject to change as you begin processing your shipment. But it gives you a reliable starting figure around which you can craft your shipping details.

Tracking and Tracing

Any shipment and logistics company worth its name should have a decent tracking mechanism for its shipments. The good ones provide accurate live updates on shipment progress and even give the customers dashboards or portals where they can trace their packages.

Today, modern tracking technologies may use GPS, radiofrequency, Authenticated Monitoring Systems, Automatic Identification Systems, and even Infrared tracking systems to manage and observe shipments.

Ensure that your shipment service provider offers time tracking and live delivery updates before sending your items to Malaysia. Janio’s ‘Track and Trace’ feature is an excellent example of how a company can leverage this service for the customer’s benefit. Parcel ABC’s ‘Parcel Tracking’ feature is another impressive implementation of these technologies.

Other Customer-friendly Features

There are tons of additional capabilities that shipment services may offer. Look for the ones that give you the maximum advantage at minimal expense.

For instance, Janio’s dedicated custom clearance services allow you to quickly ship to different Southeast Asian locations without the hassles of handling complicated paperwork and permissions.

With Just Ship, you can lie back and relax as they offer a full suite of pickup and packaging services on top of their timely delivery and shipment.

Another example is Parcel ABC’s basic and automatic insurance that’s applied on each package they ship, along with the option of better insurance if you wish to pay slightly more.

These seemingly small benefits can make a difference when you begin processing your shipments. So, look out for services that add that extra advantage in small ways.


Narrowing down on the cheapest courier service from Singapore to Malaysia is not easy due to the large number of companies running today. However, Janio emerges as the top contender when a close study is conducted across all the services. Just Ship and Qxpress are close runner-ups when considering cost-effectiveness and speedy delivery.

Janio takes the cake thanks to its transparent pricing, informative guidance, expertise on border customs, and cool additional features like Cash on Delivery options.