4 Qualities of a Reliable Professional Courier Service

Shipping precious items from one country to another or even within one country can be a bit stressful. This applies to both personal and professional reasons, particularly when there is an urgency to move a package or parcel from one place to the next. In such instances, standard shipping options like post office may not work. Professional courier services such as a local courier service Singapore are instrumental when you want to make fast delivery of valuable items. This guide will discuss 4 qualities that will help you determine if a given courier service is ideal for you.

  1. Speed of Delivery

Delivery speed is unquestionably the most critical quality to look for in a professional courier service since it is the main reason why you are seeking their services in the first place. Your goal is to have your parcel delivered to its intended destination as fast as possible. Delivery speed relies on a wide array of things – employee and fleet size, channels of delivery available, and business structure the courier company has put in place. Some companies are only effective when delivering packages locally while others can deliver both locally and globally. If the speed of delivery is critically important, you must be ready to do some research on the capability of the courier service you are considering to hire.

  1. A Stellar Track Record

Just like most businesses in other sectors, an experience courier service is likely to have set up strong delivery channels than new businesses. Established shipping companies are conversant with everything concerning prime delivery service. They know how to deal with peak shipping periods such as sales events or holidays. They also understand how to maneuver through certain types of weather challenges and populous shopping centers. Only a local courier service Singapore with a strong track record can plan properly for these things.

  1. Diverse Shipping and Pricing Alternatives

As you are going through company history and insurance covers of your potential courier services provider, you will probably encounter all their various shipping options. Most shipping experts offer next-day deliveries as well as same-day deliveries in Singapore – based on your shipping time and shipping distance. Others even provide options like warehousing and routed delivery to make sure customers are happy.

Such options enable you to prepare in advance for a parcel to arrive when you are available to pick it or to make fast deliveries stress free. They also boost your professional reputation if you are shipping for business purposes. If you are shipping for personal purposes, these options streamline shipping without affecting your everyday routine.

  1. Swift, Reliable Delivery

Irrespective of the item you intend to ship or the method you intend to use, the ideal courier services should do it right every time. A good courier service will give you peace of mind since you trust them and know your package will get to the intended destination in a hassle-free manner. What is more, a competent shipping company will guarantee the safety of your shipments – it knows how to handle all kinds of shipments, including fragile items and huge cargo packages.

Shipping through the right professional courier services is a wise investment in the quality of your shipments as well as business reputation. Research widely and hire a company that you can depend on at all times. That way, you will enjoy a nice delivery experience.

5 Practical Ideas for Launching a Courier Business

A courier business concentrates on moving packages or parcels from location to location for a fee. Commencing your courier business is an ideal way to become financially independent, earn a decent income, and enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss. Although a courier service is a lucrative opportunity, there are pragmatic deliberations and logistics you must take into account. By investing time, effort, and little capital, you can establish a reliable and profitable business.


  1. Assemble the Necessary Equipment

A courier business requires some important equipment for smooth operation. Set some time aside to gather the necessary materials. Choose vehicle types that suit the type of services you will be offering. If your local courier service Singapore will specialize in the delivery of small parcels and letter, invest in bicycles, motorcycles, or small cars. You may also give your employees the freedom to use their own means of transport provided their bikes and cars meet certain standards to verify they are in good condition. For heavy and bulky items, you will need big, cargo trucks. Taking a business loan will help you settle the preliminary cost of the vehicles.


Cell phones, maps, clipboards, and GPS systems are also vital for the proper running of a courier business. To create a sense of professionalism, you should consider buying uniforms form your staffs. Once you have all the materials within your reach, you can start advertising your courier business. Since you will be busy obtaining permits and making critical decisions concerning your business, it might be hard to advertise at the initial stages. However, it is something worth keeping in your mind.


  1. Choose a Name for Your Business

Pick a name that will represent the core values and mission of your business. Consult with the relevant authority in the area you are planning to set up your business to find out if the name you have in mind isn’t already registered. If you find your initial idea is being used by another business, just spend more time thinking about a creative name for your company. You can also buy a domain name for your courier business from a reputable site online.


  1. Secure License and Insurance

You will have to obtain a wide array of licenses and permits for your courier business. Visit the relevant offices in the area you are planning to start your company and inquire about all the licenses required.  You must also register your business so that you can fulfill your tax obligation once you start earning profits. Courier insurance is mandatory for every courier company. Generally, courier insurance plans are affordable and you can obtain the ideal policy for your business online. A local courier service Singapore must have all the necessary licenses and the right courier insurance.


  1. Recruit and Train Workers

Once you have put all the basics plans in place, you should move to the next step of recruiting and training staffs. Physical fitness of your potential employees would be a valuable consideration. Remember some of your staffs will be required to ride motorcycles for long hours and lifting heavy items. They should also have genuine driving licenses and clean driving records.


  1. Hunt for Clients

Let potential clients know that you are the best alternative when it comes to the provision of courier services. Call furniture stores, restaurants, local officers, or other places and let them know they can rely on your delivery services. Offer discounts to new clients when you are starting and request them to refer others to your company.


Be patient and persistent – beginning any business from scratch is hectic. Success won’t come overnight, just invest your time and money towards strengthening your business. Your hard work and persistence will eventually pay off.

Top 5 Strategies for Enhancing the Package Delivery Experience

Happy clients are fundamental to the success of any business, so it is important to ensure they are satisfied by offering them excellent services. Unparalleled customer service enables you to strengthen your business’ reputation. The entire process of client experience starts the moment they visit your store and goes all the way to product delivery. With product delivery being the last contact point between the consumer and your business, it is imperative to offer an excellent delivery service. Below are 5 ways to enhance the package delivery experience using courier services.


  1. Speed up Delivery

In today’s world, people are becoming impatient as each day passes. Apart from turning the world into a global village, the innovation of smartphones coupled with augmented Internet usage has led to impulsiveness – where people want things almost instantly.  This is where courier services come in – they specialize in getting rid of that loathed wait time.  A courier service allows clients to get their purchases within a span of 24 hours. The ability to provide same-day delivery makes courier services a great option for those who want to improve their package delivery services. Courier services deliver more quickly compared to standard delivery services because:


  • They handle a few addresses at a time


  • They have a wide reach, which allows them to get to different parts of the country within a short period


  • They employ specialist drivers who have seasoned experience of crisscrossing the country. A good local courier service Singapore must have experienced drivers who know their way around the country.


  1. Offer a Tracking Page

Customers will like to know the exact location of their parcel at various points of the shipment. A tracking page will let both you and your customers know things like:


  • Dispatch time


  • Departure time


  • The time and distance from the intended destination


  • Arrival time at usual check-in points


Time seems to go awkwardly slowly, especially when you are expecting a delivery. A tracking page will keep your clients up-to-date on the status of their package and help them relax a bit. Even if fast-tracking the time is beyond your power, your clients will feel more contented because they are receiving regular updates about their package’s status. Business owners in Singapore can look for a local courier service Singapore with an efficient tracking system.


  1. Computerize Delivery Addresses of Your Clients

Leverage a computerized system to record the delivery addresses of your client. The most common reason for delayed deliveries is the error in recording contact numbers and delivery addresses. Keeping a computerized database of both the new and current customers will help you avoid delayed deliveries.


  1. Minimize the Delivery Cost

Most businesses include a delivery fee on their products, turning off many genuine buyers. The best way to gain and keep clients is to lower the delivery fees passed on to them or abolish them altogether.


  1. Maintain an Effective Communication

Effective communication is an important part of a successful sale. Talk to your clients concerning delivery using SMS, telephone, or email. Once the delivery is confirmed, send a thank you message or email to the customer.


There are tons of strategies for enhancing your package delivery services. As far as your business is involved, you should continuously keep on searching for strategies to be better. Remember to hire a reliable courier service that suits the needs of your business.



Why Hiring A Professional Courier Service Is A Smart Move

If you have a package that you are expecting to send or receive, your aim will be to ensure it arrives safely and securely without any issues. You may be deliberating whether to stick to the normal postal system or enlist the services of a competent courier agency. Read on to find out why picking a courier service is a wise decision.


  1. Deliveries Occur Immediately

If you need a package delivered immediately, it would be a noble idea to select a professional courier service. Same day deliveries aren’t possible with other options like overnight or express delivery and postal delivery. A reliable courier company can guarantee you fast and hassle-free services, particularly when you want to make last-minute deliveries.


  1. Security

Courier services handle your parcel or package with utmost care and give it maximum protection – chances of your delivery being damaged or lost in transit are minimal. A local courier service Singapore will serve a small and known client base, allowing it to invest heavily in guaranteeing the safety of your delivery.


  1. High Level of Flexibility and Customized Delivery

Courier agencies operate seven days a week on a 24-hour basis. Therefore, if you want to send out a package on Sunday, a reliable courier service will do it for you. A well-established courier company has the ability to provide personalized deliveries. Just inform your service provider the specific requirements and needs of your package, and they will work towards fulfilling them.


  1. Professionalism

When you hire a professional local courier service in Singapore, you will receive copies of background checks and insurance to help you familiarize with the company you are about to work with. A courier service that provides such documents to potential clients voluntarily is reliable and worth hiring.


  1. Minimize Your Expenditure on Heavy Items

Normal delivery or post service will charge you more for bulky items than regular sized items. However, with a courier, you will end up saving not only money but also time since they will most likely charge less for huge and heavy shipments.


  1. A Broad Range of Delivery Options

You may have some packages or parcels that you will be comfortable if delivered after a week and you may have others you need to be delivered urgently. A competent courier service will offer you both options. Most normal delivery companies provide limited options.


  1. Ideal for Business

If you are running a business that requires quick and efficient deliveries, it will be wise to work with a reputable courier service. Most courier companies provide discounts to loyal customers – those who use their service frequently or on a permanent basis. Thus, businesses will reap massive benefits from working with an experienced courier service.


  1. Speed

Competent couriers such as local courier service Singapore operates on motorbikes and bicycles, which allow them to deliver parcels and letter individually. On the other hand, large delivery companies or normal mail carriers are limited to trucks packed with deliveries and hardly give your package their first priority. Good courier services can deliver your package or letter to its right destination faster, efficiently, and securely.


If you want fast, efficient, and secure deliveries, you should hire a professional courier service. You will notice courier services offer endless benefits, and they are more affordable than normal postal service or ordinary delivery companies.

5 Tips Of Selecting Courier Service In Singapore

Whether its personal items or business products that you want to send quickly, selecting the best courier service is critically important. Consistency, safety, and cost-friendliness are some of the attributes to assess before making any decision. With thousands of courier service companies in the market, choosing the right option for your needs can be a herculean task. This guide will discuss the roles of a courier and tips for identifying the best courier service.


What Do Couriers Do?

A courier service is an agency that specializes in the delivery of goods. This conveyance can happen within businesses, from businesses to consumers or vice versa. Although many businesses work with a specific courier service for almost all their deliveries, customers can contract some courier service providers for one-time deliveries. Couriers can take a wide array of forms. In some cities, apart from vans and trucks, they may use motorcycles or bicycles. They can also use railways, long-haul trucks, and even aircraft for long distance deliveries.


How to Pick the Ideal Courier Service for Your Needs


  1. Availability

Checking out the availability of a prospective courier company is the first step towards finding the right service provider. Your local courier service Singapore must be always available to take your parcels, meaning they must have a reliable system of local delivery points and agents. Remember, any interruption in availability will lead to postponements in parcel delivery in Singapore.


  1. Working Experience

Any courier company with massive working experience will have a competitive edge over those with only a few years of activity. Find out how long the courier company has been operational. In many cases, an experienced and recognized courier service has a great system, influence, and ability to help when a courier emergency or problem arises. Additionally, leveraging their unparalleled expertise, they will ensure the parcels will reach the intended location soundly and securely.


  1. Proof of Delivery

Outsourcing a courier service won’t make sense if there is no way to verify if your parcels or shipments are reaching their intended location at the right time. Consider hiring a local courier service Singapore that will offer proof of delivery. If you are sending items that may take a couple of hours or days to reach their destination, working with a courier company that offers tracking services will be a wise decision. However, tracking services will be unnecessary for short-term deliveries that take a few hours. Confirm whether the courier agency you are intending to hire delivers its proof of delivery through the company website, phone, fax, or email.


  1. Quality of Customer Service

No one enjoys dealing with rude people, particularly if you are going to engage them almost daily. Consider a situation where the tracking software shows that your consignment that was expected to reach Marymount is now heading to Jurong East due to an error during the loading process. You get worried and immediately call your courier company. Unfortunately, the customer care person is not only rude but also unwilling to help. You decide to talk to the manager who proves unhelpful as well. The best strategy for avoiding such a scenario is ensuring the potential courier company has hired competent and helpful individuals. Talk to the managers of the courier companies you are considering to hire before settling on one.


  1. Insurance

While picking the perfect courier agency for your unique needs, remember to put insurance into consideration. You will always have peace of mind when you know your package is insured. If your valuable products go missing or are damaged while in transport, you will file a claim with confidence.


You can start by sending smaller parcels to learn the quality of service a particular courier company is providing before entrusting them with anything valuable. If your goal is to send international couriers on a regular basis, consider hiring a recognized company with an extensive global presence and tested experience. Focus on hiring a courier service that has put in place excellent processes and policies to guarantee safe delivery of your packages.