Christmas Courier Service in Singapore

Christmas season is around the corner and it’s the personal touches that make Christmas really special! That’s why Parcel Post go to the extra mile to make sure your parcel delivered in time for Christmas!

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Happy Christmas!

Great Way To Wrap Your Present

Video Question:

Ever wonder how to pack your own parcel? How to wrap nicely as a gift and deliver to your customers or loved one? Sometimes parcels or gifts that are not well-wrapped can harm the receiver or deliveryman with the sharp edges around the corner and might even fall out of the wrapping and damage the item inside. Therefore it is important to know how to wrap well and also beautify your parcels or gifts so that others will like it too.

Video Highlights:

This video will show you how to wrap your gifts/ parcels by showing step by step in details in how to wrap nicely and properly. The interesting part to show how easy it can be and packaging is unique in its own way.

Here are the items required to wrap the parcel/ gift:

For materials:

decorative paper (main and accent) 2 different color Ribbons

For Tools:

scissorClear tape & double sided tape

With this little tip, it can help to enhance the outlook of the parcel and courier it as a gift.

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