5 Tips Of Selecting Courier Service In Singapore

Whether its personal items or business products that you want to send quickly, selecting the best courier service is critically important. Consistency, safety, and cost-friendliness are some of the attributes to assess before making any decision. With thousands of courier service companies in the market, choosing the right option for your needs can be a herculean task. This guide will discuss the roles of a courier and tips for identifying the best courier service.


What Do Couriers Do?

A courier service is an agency that specializes in the delivery of goods. This conveyance can happen within businesses, from businesses to consumers or vice versa. Although many businesses work with a specific courier service for almost all their deliveries, customers can contract some courier service providers for one-time deliveries. Couriers can take a wide array of forms. In some cities, apart from vans and trucks, they may use motorcycles or bicycles. They can also use railways, long-haul trucks, and even aircraft for long distance deliveries.


How to Pick the Ideal Courier Service for Your Needs


  1. Availability

Checking out the availability of a prospective courier company is the first step towards finding the right service provider. Your local courier service Singapore must be always available to take your parcels, meaning they must have a reliable system of local delivery points and agents. Remember, any interruption in availability will lead to postponements in parcel delivery in Singapore.


  1. Working Experience

Any courier company with massive working experience will have a competitive edge over those with only a few years of activity. Find out how long the courier company has been operational. In many cases, an experienced and recognized courier service has a great system, influence, and ability to help when a courier emergency or problem arises. Additionally, leveraging their unparalleled expertise, they will ensure the parcels will reach the intended location soundly and securely.


  1. Proof of Delivery

Outsourcing a courier service won’t make sense if there is no way to verify if your parcels or shipments are reaching their intended location at the right time. Consider hiring a local courier service Singapore that will offer proof of delivery. If you are sending items that may take a couple of hours or days to reach their destination, working with a courier company that offers tracking services will be a wise decision. However, tracking services will be unnecessary for short-term deliveries that take a few hours. Confirm whether the courier agency you are intending to hire delivers its proof of delivery through the company website, phone, fax, or email.


  1. Quality of Customer Service

No one enjoys dealing with rude people, particularly if you are going to engage them almost daily. Consider a situation where the tracking software shows that your consignment that was expected to reach Marymount is now heading to Jurong East due to an error during the loading process. You get worried and immediately call your courier company. Unfortunately, the customer care person is not only rude but also unwilling to help. You decide to talk to the manager who proves unhelpful as well. The best strategy for avoiding such a scenario is ensuring the potential courier company has hired competent and helpful individuals. Talk to the managers of the courier companies you are considering to hire before settling on one.


  1. Insurance

While picking the perfect courier agency for your unique needs, remember to put insurance into consideration. You will always have peace of mind when you know your package is insured. If your valuable products go missing or are damaged while in transport, you will file a claim with confidence.


You can start by sending smaller parcels to learn the quality of service a particular courier company is providing before entrusting them with anything valuable. If your goal is to send international couriers on a regular basis, consider hiring a recognized company with an extensive global presence and tested experience. Focus on hiring a courier service that has put in place excellent processes and policies to guarantee safe delivery of your packages.


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